• Dark energy: A step forward to solve the riddle

    Looking at the distorted images allows astronomers to reconstruct the path that light from distant galaxies takes to make its long journey to Earth. It also lets them study the effect of dark energy on the geometry of space in the light path from the distant objects to the lensing cluster and then from the cluster to us. As dark energy pushes the Universe to expand ever faster, the precise path that the light beams follow as they travel through space and are bent by the lens is subtly altered. This means that the distorted images from the lens encapsulate information about the underlying cosmology, as well as about the lens itself. Read More +
  • Internet Denial of Service: Attacks and Defence Mechanisms

    Denial of Service attacks is a serious and complex issue that affect not only the services under attack, but unwitting networks that might be used in a Distributed DoS too. This article was an attempt to have an insight of the DoS challenges and evaluate them from both attacker’s and defender’s perspectives. However, as it was discussed in the literature the amount / availability of attacking tools and methods makes it hard –if not impossible- to be completely safe against DoS attacks. Read More +
  • Asteroid Near-Miss or Impact?: The Yarkovsky effect

    ...what makes the study of such near earth objects (NEOs) so important? How is the Yarkovsky effect related with the possibility of an asteroids impact? Read More +
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  • Famous Doomsday predictions that failed Read More +
  • The Tunguska event, or Tunguska explosion,… Read More +
  • Internet Communication services such as email,… Read More +
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